Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father and daughter day

My daughter and husband are at Disneyland Resort while I'm here at the office. Boo!! They just rode on the new Mermaid's ride at California Adventure,  my husband said it was just OK. My daughter was scared as usual. She really hates a lot of those rides at Disneyland. Often times she has both eye shut throughout the whole ride and once she sees the light shining through at the end she starts clapping and yells "YAY" as if she's relieved that the ride is over. She does like the outside rides though. But anything that consist of minimal lighting she despises very much.

I find that the best times to go to Disneyland are during the week days. When school was still in session, that place would not be as crowded as it is during as it is during the summer time. Of course weekends are just horrible. I hate being around too many people. I feel like I don't have enough room to breath. I guess I'm a little claustrophobic. Wait time isn't that bad either during the weekdays since most people were usually at school or at work. I'm kind of dreading to go there now. I know school's out and it's vacation season and I know the number 1 spot people are going to go is Disneyland.

My husband didn't get to spend much time with my daughter on Father's day since he worked the night before and the night of so today is their father and daughter day. It's a little hard on him adjusting to his night schedule at the ER since he's usually sleeping during the day time and he's gone to work when we get home. On his days off, his schedule is still a bit messed up so when he finally gets up, a few hours later we're in bed.  We barely see each other so today he's taking advantage of it.

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