Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunny Days

tip #1: Always think of problems as an opportunity.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. And I am blessed no matter what. I know bigger & greater things are to come to my life. And they are coming now.

I lost my job. The economy hit us hard and sadly, with all the budget cuts with medicare we weren't generating enough income so I had to leave. If I think of all the negativity that will come out of this I will just be sad & depressed. Instead I can think of it as an opportunity. An opportunity to write again, to be able to have that extra energy & time to go out and learn more about photography, to strive to have a more intimate bond with my daughter & husband and this way, I can do me; concentrate on studying and perhaps, I might be able to finish with my bachelors sooner than I expected.

It was getting a little hard raising my daughter in the office, studying, working, and trying to manage everything else in the middle. And my pregnancy was getting a little harder to manage. I was thankful for everything but God new I needed this rest. I love working and having a career, but I will use this time given to me wisely and do something productive each moment. But I'm sure with my daughter alone, my hands will be all tied.

I like to think of everyday as sunny days, so in that case I'm never so miserable to enjoy a day given to me.