Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm almost there

31 weeks in and I'm so ready for this to be over. My stomach has someone grown into a watermelon size and my feet and legs are cramping and its getting a little bit more challenging doing the everyday things. I'm also finding that my distant memory of insomnia has decided to come back. I have been up since 2am last night and haven't gotten a good nap/sleep ever since then. Actually, this has been happening for the past 3 days. I hope tonight will be better for me, I am in need of some serious sleep!

In just a few more short weeks I will be able to hold my little bundle of joy. After months and months of anticipation, I'm almost there. I'm a little worried about the new tasks that awaits me when this new baby is out since I'm already raising my growing toddler, but I am somehow a little relief that I've almost reached the end. Even going up and down the stairs has become such a big challenge. I can feel those extra 25 pounds and it is not pretty!My OB has been on my case about my weight since I still have a few weeks left and I'm nearing the 30 pound mark they would like for me to stay under. I did force myself to get out of the house today to do some walking. I'm very proud of myself, given my situation; I walked for 32 minutes. How lovely.

There's a few things I'm looking forward to after giving birth. After my C-section scar heals, I plan to jump right back into working out and getting fit again. I have been so lazy these past few months, I really need to get my heart pumping again. It would also be nice to be able to hold my daughter without the worry some that she will land on my tummy and crush her baby sister. And oh yeah.. I can't wait to sleep on my back again. And a full body massage would be nice. Maybe I'll go all out and color my all natural black hair to brunette or something. But with two babies, I sure hope I can gather the strength needed for all this.