Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last night I crawled into bed with my pounding headache in hope that resting will bring me some ease, but I consistently kept waking up. It was one of those nights that you feel like you've just closed your eyes and when you open them, two hours had already gone by; and trying to go back to sleep after waking up was such a challenge. Making matters worse, I still had a pounding headache and I could feel my sore throat coming on. I was literally up from 1 o'clock AM to 5 o'clock AM. Still I was trying to keep my eyes shut in hopes that I would fall asleep eventually, but it just didn't work.

I finally fell asleep at around 5:30 am but I was woken up by my daughter an hour later. I literally dragged myself out of bed this morning to get to work. To make matters even worse then it was, I not only had a headache but I also had a sore throat and my body was screaming in pain. If I wasn't pregnant I would be so all over those over the counter medications so I can soothe my aching body but I've heard of stories about newborns with all these problems because the mother refused to take the proper actions when it came to medications. Better safe then sorry, I always tell myself. I haven't been sick in nearly a year. To think about it, I never usually get sick. I know pregnancy hormones contributes to woman's immune system being weaker during pregnancy, but I was sure I wasn't going to get sick.

If things goes smoothly here at the office, I hope to be able to leave home a few hours early.
Does anyone know of any pregnancy safe home remedies (or anything) that I can try to make it easier on me?

Thankful Thursday
As I laid in my bed this morning striving to get some sleep in, I heard my daughter playing in her sleep with her cousin, Cheyenne. She often sleep talks; sometimes good dreams and sadly, other times are bad. But this morning sounded like she was having fun in her sleep. I even heard her giggle. I'm so thankful even though the physical stress on my body may become tough at times, she's always there to brighten up my mood.

Happy blogging Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

[on top- My daughter & her cousin, Cheyenne, goofing around in line at Disneyland.]
Growing up with four girls in a household was never easy. But from childhood to now we strive to spend as much time as we can with each other; And we want to pass that on to our kids. My eldest sister (to the left) flew down from St. Louis Missouri with my nephew (also to the left) for his 10th birthday back in March. It's shocking how 10 years flew by just like that.
[below is a picture of my sisters]

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

20 Weeks Pregnant

There will  be days I literally wake up and I'm mad at the world and the next minute I'm all smiles. I know this isn't unusual during the first trimester but why am I still having these crazy emotions? There are other days when I'm crying for no apparent reason and my husband just looks at me, unsure of what to do. And when I'm back to my normal self, I can't help to think how crazy my emotions are! On the physical note, my belly is so much more noticeable now and I can feel the little baby inside me move more often then before. My stomach will get really hard and it's gets a little bit more challenging for me to breath. I still get my usual headaches- but now I think they're more then just hormonal headaches. Every time I read or look at the computer for a short while my eyes starts to hurt and when I close them I start to feel dizzy; And the headache I get while this is all happening is so intense that I just have to lay down and put something over my eyes. I need to see an Ophthalmologist soon to rule out the need for glasses (cross fingers). I've never had it this intense before.

I missed my second trimester screening because I've been busy taking care of sick daughter and then I got sick. And her birthday just passed so I've been busy planning it, cleaning up, opening presents, entertaining people etc. The next thing I new I was at the lab trying to get my blood drawn and they tell me I have missed the time frame in which I was suppose to do it. I've been so exhausted. To top it off, I get overwhelmed really easily so seeing all those people and hearing all those kids yelling at the party has really got to me. It was just a reminder of  how it will be when my second child enters into the world. There will be so many crazy days. I should be getting an ultrasound soon to check on her growth & development. My first trimester screening was good, so I'm hoping this ultrasound shows nothing but good news as well.

20 weeks down, 20 more to go :) I'm half way there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Big Step

I wanted to venture out and explore my opportunities so I decided it was time for me to go back to school and get my bachelor's degree in Nursing. With my growing family, this was only the practical thing for me to do. And since I'm an LVN already, why not pursue a higher degree. I heard about an online school called The College Network where existing LVN's can get their BSN through online study. The challenge was it was online- with no teachers, no classmates. But I couldn't afford to quit my full time job to pursue my dream so this was the only option for me to do.

So far it hasn't been that bad. The only thing I'm striving to get used to is the no classroom, no teacher thing. Other than that, they have a great online set up of each module you take. It comes with a practice questions/quizzes to assure you've mastered the material before going on to the next module. They have an online support where you can chat directly with administrator if you have any questions and/or concerns about a topic and you can also call them via phone.  You schedule your testing through testing centers around your area and depending if you chose to include the testing fees with your tuition or not you may have to pay the fee.

I've decided to include mine in my tuition since it's easier to pay the monthly installments of $200 then coming up with the fees up front. Some test can cost as much as $250! But not all. To include this new investment in my education on top of my $30,000 loan from LVN school is going to be tough. But as I said before, it is an investment on my education. It's not practical to wait 10 years to finish my BSN through community colleges or to spend $130,000 to get it through private schools. I've decided to take this big step to further up my career.

Good luck to me.