Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Monday

Oh Mondays... It's so hard to like you sometimes. It's definitely one of the most challenging days to get out of bed after two days off. I slept in both days while my husband watched Frankie. It felt oh so good.

I sold some of my old stuff on Ebay last week and earned myself an extra $300. I'm so thrilled about it! It may not sound much but with the money I earned I'm out on an adventure trying to figure out what's hot right now and what's selling. Does anyone have any good ideas?? The only downside to it is that I didn't charge enough for the shipping so I had to spend a couple extra bucks but it wasn't bad. I still made more then enough on the items I sold so it wasn't bad at all. I also had a hard time getting to the Post Office on time. I get off at 4:30 and I feel like I'm rushing all the way there. And may I say, the lines are way too long!! Are they always usually that busy or is there a better time to go?? I wish they could just come here and pick it up for me. is offering Baby Bargain Mondays and the deals are hot! Better act fast!! I love Amazon because I find bargains there almost all the time! I bought a Fairies chair with desk for my daughter at original price $60.00 and and I got it for $34.99 + shipping of $10.00 = $45.00 so I saved about $15! If you sign up for their Amazon mom program you get shipping for free. Does anyone know if there is a catch associated with that? I haven't got around to sign up for that so that will be one of my goals this week. I also buy used books in great condition for less then $10. You save so much doing it this way. Unless you need a brand new book go to Amazon to get your books. This is especially great for college students. Those text books cost so much money and you'll save a lot by buying your books online.

Start this week by something positive. Happy Monday everyone!!

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