Monday, June 20, 2011

4 Months Pregnant

I'm officially on my 16th week of pregnancy this week. I'm well off on my second trimester of pregnancy and most if not all of my pregnancy sickness have gone away! I'm not as nauseous as before and my headaches are slowly but surely going away! I still feel fatigued but I've read that it's not uncommon since I am growing a baby inside me. I'm no longer depressed unlike my first trimester which was horrible for me! But I heard that it's normal to feel that way in the first trimester. But I'm glad that it's just over with now.

It's quite exciting since now I'm able to distinguish her movements more then I had before. She's still stretching trying to make room for herself but it doesn't feel as uncomfortable as the last weeks. I can even see where she is when she moves because there is one part of my tummy that gets stiff and when I put my hand over it I can feel her move. I can't wait until I start showing. My first pregnancy I didn't show until a little over 5 months and I was hoping to show sooner this time. I dug through my old clothes from my first pregnancy this past weekend and I'm off and ready to go. The only problem with this is I'm so much more comfortable in a plain t-shirt and jeans rather then most of the maternity clothes that I have or they sell out there.  Luckily I can still fit most of my shirts still so I don't fret about stretching those out. I do have a problem with my jeans because since I've gained a few lbs, I'm now unable to button them aghhhhhh!!! And this baby hates it when I'm in my jeans. shucks!

One thing that has been bothering me more then before is my the pain associated with the pressure along my sciatic nerve. It can be fine one day and the next day I'm in so much pain that even just moving aggravates it. It radiates from my lower back all the way down to my right leg. It's so painful. I've tried sleeping on my left side which I've heard alleviates the pain but it's just kind of there one day and gone the next.

But for the most part, I'm feeling better overall.

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