Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Shocker

Finding out I was pregnant was a big shocker for me. I mean, I was convinced that I wasn't pregnant. But when I was a week late with my period, I knew something was wrong. I've had late periods before, so I thought this would be just another false alarm. To be safe, I went to CVS Pharmacy and bought First Response. I went home and took the test. As I sat there, looking at the stick I realized that it said POSITIVE! I was literally there for 5 minutes staring at the stick in complete shock.

I thought the results were false positive but I read on that home pregnancy tests were 97% accurate and it's very rare that you would get a false positive. And when a woman is pregnant we produce a certain hormone called hcG hormone and that's what the home pregnancy test detects. My husband works as an ER nurse at Anaheim Regional Medical Center and he was telling me that those home pregnancy tests are the same kinds they use in the hospital to determine pregnancy. I finally saw my doctor. To confirm pregnancy they had me pee twice plus a blood test.

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