Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making money on Ebay

Like most people right now, my life has been impacted by the worsening economy. I work for a company called Prolife Home Health where we send medical personnel's to our patient's home to provide care for them in their own home. We were getting paid through Medicare, and since they've had budget cuts this year so have we.

With my growing family, I wanted to figure out a way to make some extra money on the side so I decided to sell some stuff on I started with cleaning out my closet and earned $500 in one week. Another week I earned an extra $300 just selling things I don't use anymore. I sold things from used toddler shoes, to my old clothes, leather jackets and used purses. Almost everything I put up sold. I've heard about people making a living off Ebay so I wanted to get the insight on it too. I did some research and landed on which gives you tips on how to sell on Ebay wisely. I also went on to get some inspirations and came across numerous people who have claimed to have made all this money from just selling used stuff on Ebay. Some people sell used clothing in lots where they get from garage sale, Goodwill or some other thrifty stores. Other people sold name brand items where they bought from Ross, Marshall, TJ Max or if they were on clearance. I found numerous people who had an Ebay Store. So I did more research on how to obtain a business license. I came across a website called where you can efile your business permit. With a business permit you're open to a whole new world of selling. I went to a convention with my father-in-law in Las Vegas this past March where they had hundreds and hundreds of wholesale suppliers and distributors. I remember thinking, so this is how those big stores make all this money.

In California, there's a place in downtown Los Angeles where a lot of wholesale buyers go to to get their products. They have a fashion district, a toy district and even a fabric district. You can even bargain with distributors to get an even better deal. I made $120 from a product that I invested $36 on, which is not bad at all.      

Ebay is only one site you can utilize to generate some extra income. There are also sites like, or that does the same things.

If you guys have any other tips please share them.

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