Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who will you save on the The Voice?

I never stay up past 9pm but last night was exceptional. I was up until 11pm watching NBC's "The Voice" and it was an amazing performance from all of them! Again, my fav girl, Vicci Martinez, rocked the stage. Coming from someone so little is such a big soulful voice. I love her! Make sure you guys cast in your votes before this coming Monday, June 20, to save your favorite artist. You guys can click the link below if you missed her performance last night.

The Voice - Week Eight: Vicci Martinez Sings "Jolene" - Video -

I'm so thrilled that Dia & Xenia made it out of Team Blake. They both have very unique voices and I'm certain he made the right choice. And I think Christina's team is very strong too. Now it's just coming down to the best of the best and the competition is getting more intense!

Me and my husband are so addicted to this show. We always watch the previous episodes on demand. I've just never watched a show that all the singers were this good. Even from the battle rounds, they were all great. I'm anticipating the results for Team Cee Lo and Team Adam already. I know Javier Colone is favored so he is more then likely to go to the semi finals. I can't wait until next week's episode!!! Tuesday, come already!

Who do you think will make it out of team CeeLo and Team Adam? I want to hear your opinions!

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